Welcome to Inter Nordic Guide Club

The warmest of welcomes to Inter Nordic Guide Association. Visitors seeking to experience the very finest of Nordic culture, history, foods, industry, business and of course the renowned landscapes and countryside have found the right place and Inter Nordic Guides multi lingual members, with officially documented and approved qualifications, will not disappoint.

Members, throughout Scandinavia in Denmark, Sweden,The Faroe Islands, Island, Norway, Finland and Åland have guided visitors both national and International on memorable, informative and of course fun, tours. Inter Nordic Guides conduct tours in more than 30 other languages, including sign language.

Inter Nordic Guides erudite and articulate members will fill your visit with memorable and fun experiences. Please enjoy the regional pictorials and essays, book or make further enquiries directly through our contact page or click through to the country association that meets your criteria. We look forward to seeing you very soon.